Thursday, June 5, 2008

Two more textures

I love my podiatrist ! For the first time in years I think someone might have figured out what causes a lot of the problems I have with my feet. He really took the time to ask questions, listen to my answers and conduct a proper examination of my feet – and they are not pretty either my feet LOL. He has a plan for addressing my shin splints so I can get back to walking, and a plan for how despite my knee injuries I may even be able to get back to running. My daughter is also a lot brighter and less “chesty” today. The only worry is that it appears my son copped a harder knock in that accident than we thought and probably has a mild concussion.
I have two more textures for you today. I have left them clean for the sharing, but the leaf brush linen looks really nice grunged up. These are shared under the freebie friendly terms of use. Can I just clarify these, I had an email from someone today pointing me to a blog that was using them and not complying with the TOU. These are shared for personal use or for using (if altered) as a freebie, as long as acknowledgement is given. They are to provide a resource for people that want to have a go at designing to try it out with some stuff. They are not to be sold even if altered. They can also be used in charity kits with prior permission. I don’t think these are restrictive TOU. All I am asking for is acknowledgement and that you don’t make money out of something I have given for free. Anyway that being said they are here for you to grab. Oh and I stuck the iceblock stick in there, that someone asked about, but it isn't shown on the preview.
Well I had better go and get the dinner finished, nearly Friday and it’s a long weekend down under .
Best wishes,


LVMommy22 said...

nice! i really like the leaf brush texture. how do you go about grunging it up?

i'm glad to hear there is some relief in sight for your feet. it will be great to get back to walking without the pain of shin splints - been there, done that.

glad to hear your dd is on the mend. i hope your ds mends quickly, too. being told it's a mild concussion must be a little scary. i keep you all in my thoughts.

Brenda said...

I'm glad to hear that both you and DD are doing better.

I LOVE textures. Thank you very much.

Beth said...

Thanks so much! These are pretty!

Brooke Nelson said...

Hello there!

My name is Brooke, and I own Ahhh Scrap! the blog ( I am currently in the process of opening a store! We should be up by July 1.

Why am I email you? Well, I stumbled upon your blog, and I love your designs. Is there any way you would be interested in becoming a designer for us?

Email me if you are interested, and I will get you more information (like the pay scale, and any requirements I have for the designers).

Again, thank you for the inspiration you provide! I hope to hear from you soon!


Laura said...

Thank you! sent me!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Thank you! I found my way her from . This is great!

DigiLover said...

Thank you! sent me!

these are fantastic - thank you for sharing them!

nice to see another Aussie Designer - I'm currently living in Sydney but hope to be moving to Brissie before the end of the year. All my family are in Brissie or Hervey Bay so will be great living closer to them.

Hope your poor feet and your little sick kidlets get better soon!

Amber said...

Thank you for these great overlays!

cinmcw said...

I absolutely LOVE these, too! Thank you again for so generously sharing your beautiful work! :)


Penni said...

thanks for these, there's no way I would use them as cu without your tou's saying so but I just thought I should point out that I came to your blog via a link on CU freebies showing these papers as a download. so they are being advertised as a CU freebie there.
Thanks again,

Lauralee said...

This is the link to my site where I stated your tou and made it clear.

June 5, 2008
Featuring Curly Wirly Twirly Girlies
Have Fun I know I'm gonna!!!

These are greyscale items for those who are wanting things they can recolour to match some other kit, or who design and share freebie kits. The terms of use are quite clear that these can only be used in kits that are shared with anyone.

Also My Blog Banner state's this "Where I will share all CU Freebies that I find for new designers making free scrap kits."