Thursday, June 5, 2008

File size

I got a lovely email from Maureen about the file size of the mulberries. As well as some wonderful feedback and kind words she mentioned:

"Noticed that the Jump Mulberry files were quite large. When I opened them, saw that they were sized at 7200 x 7200 pixels and 600 resolution. Curious as to why you make them that large. I resized them down to 3600 x 3600 pixels and 300 resolution and they did not look any different. It reduced the mb to 1/3 of the size of your files and saves room on my harddrive. Will not do this if there is a good reason; however, like most of us scrappers, we are usually on overload."

So here's the technical and complicated reason for the large file size - I don't know how to shrink it LOL. I created them at 600ppi to make sure I got a good quality and then couldn't figure out how to save it at 300ppi LOL. Sorry guys, I know hard drive space is precious. I have asked Maureen for a tutorial on how to do this. I had a similar problem trying to save previews for theDSO challenge, and it kept telling me my file size was wrong, LOL.

I did warn you all this blog was my learning adventure LOL. Will make sure I have been educated on this before I share the other textures I have been working on.

Oh and thanks for the comments about our bad day. My daughter's temperature broke and she is still coughing, but on the mend. I was worried because there is a bit of pneumonia going around here. My son is sore but functioning. The attitude of the principal at the school was disturbing but that is another story. Our school is different, it is small and community focussed, so I was a bit taken aback by this other school's attitude. And I am off to see the podiatrist at lunch time.

Anyone going to have a go at a decorated mulberry ????? Come on lvmommy you know you want to do those rose petals LOL.

And sending hugs and kisses to my nephew and niece in Melbourne and for my sister in law - nearly there - think of Fiji !

Best wishes,



Angel with a Vengeance said...

Hi Erika,
haha, it could happen. Everyday I learn something new in Photoshop. Do you use that also? Open the file size dialog with the shortcut CTRL-ALT-I.
In that dialog you can input everything about the size in pixels and inches or cm, also the resolution can be changed there.
thanks for all your hard work. love every bit of it!

LVMommy22 said...

erika, i can't get my pse 5 to load on my new laptop. it makes me want to cry! the new 'puter runs vista (hate it!) and it says folders are missing. i've tried a dl from adobe and searched the microsoft website for help, but to no avail. any suggestions?

Erika said...

sorry, I have vista on my laptop, but I have PSE6, aside the drama of figuring out the actions it has not been too bad, except for the regular appearance of the blue screen of death when I am using PSE. Computers ! They are harder to figure out than men LOL !

If no one else does the rose petal thing I will give it a go on the weekend.

Kikkinkreations said...


My husband the techno-geek says you just go to resize image and change the resolution to 300 and make sure that that you click the square that says "re-sample image" before you change the resolution.

300 DPI is the normal print resolution for almost every professional printer so that really is the best best for conserving hard drive space, God knows we could all use a little more of that! LOL