Friday, May 23, 2008

A Freebie and Plea for Your Ideas

I think this missing mojo thing might be catching. Inspired by the colder mornings here, and memories of VERY cold winters when we lived in Canberra, I decided to scrap some photos from that time when the snow was on the hills surrounding the city. I love these pics of my gorgeous boy and spunky hubby. For Brenda – spunk is a term normally reserved for teenagers (not Mums in their mid-thirties LOL) meaning a good sort ! The bright red hat, turquoise blue boots, dark green trackies on my son and burgundy jacket on hubby, sent me in the direction of Pam’s Jump ABC kit. I made a couple of papers, one was too much for a multi photo layout, so saved it and tried another, I made some red felt to draw out the hat, and some frosted elements and title for the snow. The snowflakes show up better when you look at the image at print size, but seem a bit lost on preview. BUT the layout lacks something – (as well as journaling). I don’t know what though. If anyone has any ideas I would LOVE to hear them. It’s driving me crazy. We headed out early this morning, tennis lessons before school, ballet lesson for my daughter then up the mountain to help my aunt out with some other stuff, before a “lovely” dinner of KFC (my son got to choose after 3 awards at school this week). I thought a day away from the computer might help – but no. I have bundled up the bits I have made for you here, not everything in the bundle is on the preview (hey I'm lazy LOL). Your thoughts on what this page needs to finish it would be gratefully appreciated.
Best wishes,


Vicki said...

Erika - you left a message to say I'd been tagged, but where is the tag? Not sure what you want me to do!! ;o)
Great layout - I know what you mean about something missing - will have to give it some thought. Hugs x

Brenda said...

Just ftr, I know what spunky means, I had just never heard that a person could be "a spunk". LOL

For your layout, I'd try matting the three little photos - the one on the red - with your white snowflake paper and then mat the two taht are on the white snowflake paper with the blue paper. And make the mat 3D a little - just a bevel or something.

Thanks for the snow stuff!

Jeanie said...

Erika -

Thank you so much for the cute snow papers! As far as ideas for the page - what about little bit of snow piled up in the bottom corners, the way it piles up in windows? And I was wondering about some icicles hanging from the top - I have worked on a style for clear, glassy stuff so if you like the icicle idea, let me know and I'll make some icicles for you! :)

Hugs, Jeanie

Jeanie said...

Erika -

OK, I just opened your folder and realized your snowflakes and corners are clear, so I guess you already have a very nice clear style, so could make your own lovely icicles if you like. Of course, if you'd like I'd still be happy to make them for you as a little gift...LOL!

kate said...

I'd move the red frame up and in 1 - 1.5 cm. Then I'd shrink your wonderful snowflakes to about 1/2 -2/3 the big size and scatter in the center and bottom left. But what do I know?

Maria said...

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