Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Holy Grail for PSE6 / Vista Users

It seems I was not alone suffering about installing my wonderful ATOMIC CUPCAKE actions (have you been there yet best scrapping actions you'll find and even some freebies!!!). In addition to the two more lotteries I have won today I have had more than a few emails from others who have been ready to scream about this.
Please remember that these instructions came from the totally gorgeous KimB - see Blinkie to your right, via the super fantastic Vicki - see Bubbles Babbles to your right. Here's a little tip too - when you open the PSD file and save as a PNG make sure you take out the word copy from the file name ! The other thing - you need to have selected to see Hidden Files or you won't see this directory.

Now remember - if I can do it - ANYONE can. And please if this helps you go and give these marvellous ladies some love. It is a truly generous person that shares knowledge - and Kim should be up for more than golf claps now that it is Sunday.

ACTIONS here is the XP path you would use to get to your folder-
C/documents & settings/All users/application Data/Adobe/photoshop elements/6.0/photo creations/photo effects
When you copy and paste your ACTIONS in your photo effects folder you have to make your PSD file into a PNG!! ( in otherwords bring it into elements and just save as a PNG file in the same folder) Otherwise it won't show up-
This is for Vista-
C/program data/adobe/PSE/6.0/photocreations/filter I just love Kim, she is terrific! If you have any problems, let me know. Oh, be sure Elements is NOT running when you install anything (actions, styles, etc...)

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Melanie Morales said...

Unlike other versions, the PSE 6.0 Actions Thumbnails have to be in png format - not psd format.

Also, you don't want to forget to rename your meta database file to old and make PSE 6.0 rebuild the database so it finds your new installs!

And also, be sure to use XML files - they come in really handy with layer style settings if you have them in categories - XML files are easy to do. I just found the XML files, opened one already existing with Notepad; changed the category and action names and then saved it as an xml file with the same name as the action. IE - I make the category name the name of the producer (Atomic Cupcake, Monica Larsen, etc.) This is really handy when it comes to text layer styles!