Thursday, April 24, 2008

For Mabelle

These are pictures of Natural Arch or Natural Bridge, an amazing place in the Gold Coast Hinterland. A creek has eroded a hole into the roof of a cave, and created the most divine grotto, it is in a valley in the rainforest. The cave roof is full of glow worms, it is one of my favourite places on earth along with Fraser Island and Lord Howe Island.

I am posting these pictures to share them with a very special lady who so generously shares her art.

Best wishes,



txbubbles said...

Coming by to leave you some love! And then I are a member of the Mabelle Sisterhood!!!
'Cause I only know one Mabelle! Beautiful pics, maybe if I start saving now, I can make it Down Under next year for vacation! I never even imagined there were places like this, and from your email, to see a sea dragon, WOW!!! They are on my list right up there with the Whale Shark. Three times I have been on the wrong dive boat. You know, you come back to the dock and everyone on the OTHER boat saw the Whale Shark!
Love your blog, now I'm off to download that alpha!

Mabelle said...

Dear Erika,

Im so sorry it took a while for me to visit and finally see these! Its as beautiful as I imagined it to be and by golly! I can just imagine fairies having this for a haven! LOL!

How I envy you for being able to see this...

HUGS, My deepest thanks for taking the time to post these for me....