Monday, June 9, 2008

Question for the clever types !

I hit publish post before I remembered the other thing I wanted to ask. I want to put writing on the iceblock sticks so it looks "burnt in", if that makes sense, slightly indented. Now I only have PSE6, and I have tried the bevelling tools but they leave too big a dent.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this ?

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

there is an indent tool at Scrap Girls that is intended for screws and eyelets but I think would work for what you need. It takes some searching under the photoshop tools but itll be scrapsimple tools indent or something like that with a little pic of various fastners on it

Brenda said...

I don't use PSE, but can you adjust the bevels?

Brenda said...

Ack - I DO use PSE, but 3.0 on a Mac.

Anyway... In that version, I can choose "Layer Style/Style Settings" or "Layer Style/Scale Effects" from the Layer menu. I'd try Scale Effects first.

Linda P. said...
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Linda said...

I have an older version, but I think this is the same for PSE6. When you apply the (bevel) style there should be a little round button (fx) show up to the far right of that layer on your layer pallet. Double click that and you should have the option for either up or down bevel and for changing the bevel size and lighting angle. If you go all the way down to 1 on your size it is a very light effect. I just tried it with Simple Emboss, Bevel Size 1 px, Bevel Direction Down - and it looks like it is just barely scratched into the surface. Maybe that will work for you?

LVMommy22 said...

hey erika, i saw your question on pam's blog. here's a link to the show 'jon and kate plus 8':

and here is jon & kate's web page: