Saturday, June 7, 2008

The "Painting" Thing

This is for the others new to PSE and here for the "learning adventure" rather than just grab and go freebie types. A couple of people asked what I meant by "painting" that floral overlay. I have copied how I explained it to someone today. Hope it helps others:

Okay how I recoloured the florals by "painting". This was from Shauna's tutorial ( ) about using the colour replacement brush from your brush tools. I have PSE, not full PS like you, so it might be different. But I copied the greyscale to a new file, then opened the skip palette and selected a colour for the foreground. Then if I right click on my brush tool button on the tool palette I have a choice of colour replacement brush. Then I just chose an appropriate brush size and "paint" the fabric like a colour by numbers canvass. LOL. I found I zoomed in to paint but kept zooming out to check if I was getting a "colour balance". It did take a little bit of time, that's why I shared it, I would hate to think all that effort was just for my one layout LOL.

Hope this makes sense. I'd love to see if anyone else has a go,



LVMommy22 said...

oh super! i was wondering if you used the paintbucket, or what. i don't remember seeing the color replacement brush; i'll have to explore when i get my pse working. i've been using some of the time i would use for scrapping to bake instead. i baked a fresh peach pie the other night (my neighbors have a peach tree and don't use the fruit, so they've told me to pick what i want) and some choc chip cookies last week and toffee cookies tonight. i've got to get my pse working before i eat myself to death, lol! besides, i'm dying to play with these overlays!!!

Alyson P. said...

I want to play with this too but you've just given me about 5 new blog links in the last week and I'm busy downloading! I don't have time to use all of the things I'm getting! I'll be sure to send you my take if I get it done. Thanks for the NeeCeeBee Designs link! I love her templates and she made my request!

ElizabethALombardi said...

Hi, wow, I loved how you colored it! When you say open the skip palette, where do I get that? Thanks, Elizabeth

Erika said...

Hi Elizabeth, Pam has shared it as a download on her blog so that people that want to create add ons can have a go. There is a TOU with it as well.
Best wishes,