Monday, June 9, 2008

New Overlay

I have had a bit of fun this weekend playing with the super new acrylic action from Atomic Cupcake and her new clip tool. Very cute. I now need to remember who did the tutorial about drop shadows for acrylic (it was either Hummie or Misty Cato). I have also spent a fair amount of time cleaning (YUCK), and the kiddos and I made chocolate chip pikelets for morning tea (sinful but delicious). It was wintery here today because it was bleak and overcast, but I can’t say it was cold as we are still getting around in short sleeves. My ds is getting sever cabin fever not being allowed to do sport or even go on the trampoline. We got the kids one of those enclosed trampolines from Spring free (link in case you are in Australia), and honestly it is the best money we ever spent on them. Hubby rigged up a shade cover and they love it. They bounce away for ages making up all sorts of games, and when they get tired the will sit there and chat and giggle, it almost doubles as a cubby house. Anyway, three more days and he will be allowed back on. Cannot come soon enough for me.
Enough waffling. Here is another overlay for you. Would love some feedback on these, whether they have been useful, did they work well, what you might have made. If they aren’t of much use / value then there is not much point in doing them.
I actually did a bit of blog surfing today. Glad to see Vicki is back from Portugal, can’t wait to see what she does next. I was so pleased to see Denise’s layout that she turned into template 5 won the So Sunny competition. Very well deserved. And I was blown away by Jeanie’s latest instalment on For the Love of Lemons. She made furniture ! From scratch ! Not extracted ! I saw Misty Cato’s latest kits with the rooms, and was really impressed by the whole concept of perspective, not to mention her wicked extraction layout. I really should have done art, I have been having a peek at my son’s learn to draw books. He takes after his Dad, hubby is great at drawing. I have been reading about the magic dot !
On a sad note I was disappointed to read about two bad instances of piracy, with Lisa and Candee. I can only hope that karma will catch up with these people.
Okay, better get back to work work ! And its nearly time to start dinner. Hope everyone had a great weekend,


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Brenda said...

Thanks for another great overlay.

Thank goodness I'm starting to do the challenges from various sites - now I'm using stuff instead of just collecting it. LOL

Patamomma said...

Great overlay! Thanks so much! I haven't used any of them yet hon. I haven't had the time. But, I love them all. patty

Jeanie said...

Erika - this is another incredibly gorgeous overlay! Can't wait to play with it! Thanks also for the link...Im so glad you liked the furniture!

Terebene said...

These overlays are great! I am just hoarding them up for now but I really want to use them all. And thanks for the creekbed stuff, too!

cinmcw said...

What a gorgeous overlay! I am a true lover of anything with flowers, and I LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing! Your designs are lovely...will have to browse around a little (or a lot)!