Sunday, June 8, 2008

My frou frou layout

I don’t do many 1 photo layouts. I am very much a multiple photos and usually double page layout kind of girl. But I had the picture of my daughter from last December (VERY recent by my scrapping standards LOL), that would be a one picture photo. And I actually didn’t want the photo to be too big, because she had a doozy of a bruise on her forehead that had faded to that nice yellow that looks more like a dirty mark. But this was a special moment, we had finally found a tutu for her beloved doll and they were both dressed up together to dance. I have embraced the glitter, and used Atomic Cupcake’s new glitter edge action on the circle, the papers are from Vicki’s Sophie kit (one of her very early ones), with the buckle and tag from Fizzy Pop, one of her more recent ones. The template is Denise (NeeCeeBee Designs) Template 1, tipped on its side.
We had a gardening day today (we are redoing our front yard after having a very big drain put in), and I have also refreshed the plants on our front porch. I also had the gruelling task of directing hubby about how he needs to dig out the area for the new front path LOL. Have some more textures to share tomorrow. Didn’t get time to bundle and upload tonight and I have some ironing that needs doing.
Hope you are having a great weekend,

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LVMommy22 said...

LOVE the dollie tutu! this is the perfect lo to put some glitter on. dance routines in tutus call for some glitter! you've showcased the photo really well!