Friday, June 6, 2008

Hummies Fabbie Tip

Something I forgot to mention on an earlier post. When I scanned in the iceblock stick, and went to extract it, I used Hummie's bevel technique for checking for stray pixels. It worked a treat, there were some I couldn't see (even with my glasses on LOL) that showed up. If you aren't familiar with this, head over to Hummie's World - link to your right - and have a read, she is a clever lady.

Oh and you know how when your kids are learning to walk and run and they are always falling over, banging their little heads ? I used to fantasise about putting my kids in stack hats (bike helmets) whenever they weren't sleeping. Well little mister concussion spent the day quietly at home (I am a bad bad mummy there were 2 videos watched but it kept him quiet and still) - and late this afternoon he got out his toy cars to play with in the toy room, guess who managed to bang his concussed little head on the corner of the shelf ? Where's that stack hat . . . . . .




Brenda said...

I sure hope your son doesn't have to wait even longer before he can play after banging his head on the shelf!

LVMommy22 said...

oh no! perhaps you can wrap ds in bubble wrap for the next week or so. i think i'd be having a minor stroke!