Saturday, June 7, 2008

A great template, and my layout !

On Ikea Goddess this morning I spotted this amazing template by NeeCeeBee Designs, that I snagged immediately. I had some photos I had tried to take of my kids and two of their cousins from when they were visiting us last year. We have this gorgeous park down the road from us on the river bank with a boat theme and a little boat that the kids can play in. Perfect for a photo right ? Yeah try getting two (then) three year olds, a 6 month old, and a righteous 6 year old (telling the cheeky three year olds to behave please), to all even just look at the camera normally, never mind smiles. LOL. It didn’t work, but I still wanted to capture the moment because it was such a good laugh. So this is the layout, using the NeeCeeBee Designs template, and Ellie Lash’s gorgeous Scatter Sunshine Kit. I L-O-V-E this kit (learnt from Brooke at Ahhh Scraps to spell it out for emphasis LOL). Check out Brooke's blog for a great CU freebie also. I am going to flip the template to the other side of the page where I tried to get them all sitting under one of the big fig trees (some people just don’t learn LOL).
Oh and the noisy woisy boy-sy actually took the news of no soccer better than expected, but I still made them chocolate pancakes for breaky – I am such a bad mummy. Now we just have to explain to hubby why we didn’t save any for when he gets back from diving – I am such a bad wife LOL.
Off to do some washing (it seems to multiply overnight !)


LVMommy22 said...

oh erika, lol! i have a very similar set of photos! we tried to take a group shot of three little cousins at the park, too. we didn't get a single 'good' photo, but the kids sure had fun running off while we tried to pose them. it was like herding cats!

i'm glad NWB-ey took the soccer news well. and i can't believe you didn't save hubby any chocolate pancakes, lol! you wicked wife you!

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say thanks for your nice comments and the link to my blog.

LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did with template!

I am actually a fan of your already!

neeceebee (Denise)