Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lovely Layouts that made me smile !

How exciting is this. I am really honoured that two people have used the stuff I have made to do layouts and shared them with me. I remember the total thrill I got when Bella Memories emailed me the gorgeous layout of her little boy with some papers I had made, and I have to say I am just as excited this time. The first layout is from Mysty and she is going to make some QPs out of this and other layouts, because I didn’t use any actions in Bargara. I love the pictures in her layouts (I have only posted one because I am having probs uploading piccies this morning). So you can grab her QP here. The second on is from Miranda, using the soccer stuff, along with (if I am not mistaken) Vicki’s alpha from Dandelion Dreams and Pam’s G page overlay ?)
I think I am happy with some elements for that poor neglected, starving caterpillar. Will give them another check later today and post. Also I need to correct my spelling in one of the Dutch friends words. Thank you so much to Masja for letting me know. Spelling is important and I was pretty sure I must have got at least one mistake in all those words. I will fix it and post it later today.
We have finally located free and useable templates to make some dinosaur stuff so stay tuned for that over the next few days. Also I have another couple of metal alphas to share this week.
And THANK YOU again to all those fantastic ladies who left Thomas a message. He is doing it for his show and tell tomorrow and is going to show his class the blog entry and all the lovely messages people left him. He is so proud of his fruity buttons. And I am so thankful for people like Atomic Cupcake for making these actions so user friendly that my son can make things and get that sense of achievement.
Off to stop the dog from chasing the cats around the house – it sounds like stampeding elephants on our timber floors LOL.
Best wishes,

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Miranda said...

You are right about the overlay and the letters with the word "Goal".

I was so in love with your kit I had to use it straight away. Thanks for sharing it with the world and thanks for putting my layout here.

Love from Holland