Saturday, April 12, 2008

Freebie Flowers

I really like this little flower, it is a bit of a different shape and reminds me of a native flannel flower and all the May Gibbs Gum Nut Baby stuff.
So the one in the top left is the one I used on my LO yesterday, the one in the top row centre is a greyscale one for all you clever types to recolour and use. The others are just me experimenting with colour. I am not a designer, just someone learning how to use PSE and sharing any results that might be useful to others. You can download them here:
Thanks also for the suggestion of photoshopping out the tatoo on my daughters arm. I think it will be staying for two reasons, one is that I don't like to edit history - we are how we are - warts (or tatoos) and all. And more importantly - I wouldn't know how LOL. A funny story - my daughter is all dressed up one day in princess dress, high heels, tiara, etc on her way to a party. She also has a couple of the Disney Princess tatoos on her arms. My son (then just 6yr old) turns to her and says "Emma you look so pretty, with your pretty dress, your pretty shoes, your pretty tiara and your pretty tatoos." My husband and I nearly cracked up - what is that game on Sesame Street - one of these things doesn't belong here !
Hope you are all having a great weekend, I am watching my hubby shovel gravel and dirt under my office window. I love hard work - I can watch it all day - LOL.

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Maria said...

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