Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fantastic Site !

I remember Pam saying something on Digitreats the other day about how quickly trends change. During my surfing for tutorials in the last day or two, I cam across a site with a freebie that reminded me of long ago, in a scrapbooking galaxy far far away LOL. I remember in the late 90s and early 2000s that paper dolls were all the rage. I have some in my son's baby book ( a paper doll doctor) and I even managed to find one for my work album of a female Air Force officer (I was shocked but immediately purchased).
So I was looking at this site: and they have some fabulous freebies, and I downladed the FREE paper doll template (hey I am so last year LOL), and have been having loads of fun with it. The above is a work in progress, collaborative by my 7 yr old son and I for his soccer scrapbook (we are not finished, need to add drop shadows and stuff for a real paper layered look. Even if you are not a fan of the paper doll (shock horror!) my son has had fun and learnt some good PSE skills selecting and colouring and placing clothes on the doll, adding bits with brushes and shapes. My 4yr old wants to make a ballerina one tomorrow (AAGGHH).
So if you are like me and don't care about what is "in" or not, turn up your Neil Diamond CD (because you haven't got an iPod yet) (yes women in their mid-thirties do love Neil) - and head over to and grab the paper doll template.
For the Digitreats fans like myself, the doll above is using Pam's colour palettes, so you could have some real fun. Unfortunately I cannot share the bits I have made in the ABC Kit colours but if you can use a clipping mask - you can easily do them.
Will be posting an alpha later tonight - just need to finish getting the kids dinner ready.
Best wishes,


Vicki said...

Erika - this is great fun!! However, I am concerned about the Neil Diamond comment! I am in my mid-thirties too and Neil Diamond is not there - try Simon LeBon, George Michael, Morten Harkett!! ;o) Hugs from Bristol xx

Erika said...

Oh I love my 80s new romantic boys too, but I grew up on Neil, my parents were still raving about the Hot August Night Concert thirty years on - and come on - who doesn't love to sing Sweet Caroline after a couple of drinks LOL.
Hugs E

Vicki said...

Ok, I'll give you that one - Sweet Caroline is a favourite!
Also, just tagged you on my blog! Hugs.

Jen said...

A shame you weren't able to see American Idol this week - they featured Neil Diamond songs and he even sang on the show tonight :) Thanks for the heads-up on the paper doll templates...I still think they are cute and I think my 4 yr old will have fun helping me make some of himself. ;)