Sunday, March 30, 2008

Your Thoughts

Okay these photos don't have anything to do with the question(s) I wanted to ask. But I was going through the huge backlog of photos I want to scrap (only backlog bigger than my ironing LOL) and I found these. They were taken last year at Fraser Island. My spunky hubby and I got away alone together for the first time since our first child was born and spent three wonderful days there (it is one of my favourite places on earth). The night we arrived there was a huge storm. Early the next morning we went for a walk along the beach (for those that know Fraser we were staying at Kingfisher Bay on the west side), and there was a beautiful mist, so still, so peaceful. I got some wonderful shots that I cherish. I think I will make a group of them into prints to put on the wall at home. Sometimes just looking at the photos can take me back to a place mentally and I feel those feelings of peace.
So what did I want people's thoughts experiences and ideas for:
I am so excited because I am getting a WACOM tablet for mother's day, a bit early. Hubby thinks it is a good idea, and has agreed. It is also for work, I use whiteboards a LOT, and so it was this or an electronic whiteboard LOL. My home office has a whiteboard that cops a beating, I think I spent too many years working with engineers, I cannot communicate without whiteboards. I started using MindManager software a couple of years ago with the encouragement of my then boss, but I still love the idea of actually writing stuff and a tablet will be handy for scrapbooking YEAH !!

So for all those with a tablet, what are your thoughts / experiences / tips and advice about:


ease of use
hints for numpties like me !

Thanks in advance,


Linda P. said...

I can't help you from personal experience about a tablet, but lots of folks seem to really love the new Wacom Bamboo. That's the one I'm drooling over too. Wacom has a couple different models you might want to check out. I've never read anyone who didn't absolutely LOVE it, once they got used to using the tablet instead of the mouse. I have read, however, of some folks who got different brands having problems with them or having them not work as expected... again I have no personal experience with this tho.

And those photos are delightful, thank you so much for sharing them and the wonderful story behind them with us! ...teehee... they look like papers in the making to me!!!... hint, hint...wink...

Vicki said...

Hi Erika - I just got a Wacom Bamboo One which is the small one - I love it for doing doodles! I guess if you want to do something bigger it's best to have a bigger one, but for me, it's perfect and really inexpensive! Hope it helps?
Hugs from England,

Elisa said...

Hello Erika, First of all: So great to hear that you found the time to rest and relax for a few days at such a wonderful place, your photos are truly showing the peaceful retreat you obviously found!

As for the graphic's tablet: Indeed, WACOM is what I highly recommend, personally with a preferance towards the WACOM Bamboo Fun Medium, because it just offers you more opportunities in the long run than the Small edition. Yes, the Medium is about twice the price compared to the Small one but it is well worth it and something you won't regret. The next step up is a little steeper and might be going overboard. Here's the one great part to also consider at the moment: when buying the Bamboo Fun Medium, you also get a coupon after registering it to buy Photoshop CS3 for $299.00 which is a STEAL! It is an upgrade to the software package coming with the Bamboo and unbeatable.
Hope that helps in decision making, too :)

pton said...

hi erika, thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. i activated the elements until april 1. :D

Hummie said...

You have no idea how much work this has been just to leave a comment! This is at least the 4th try.....I even closed out IE and reopened it.....

Uggg, my nice long comment disappeared into a white error screen...sigh....

I said something about the photos and how great they were taken at the angle and utilizing lines.

I cannot tell you anything about wacoms except I was told I was pronouncing it wrong.